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The Crane Candlelight Concert 2020: Christmas Past, Christmas Present looks a bit different from other years. Filmed during the coronavirus pandemic, a large scale concert with an orchestra and full chorus was not possible. Christmas Past, Christmas Present is a compilation of new socially distanced performances from students and faculty, alongside highlights from years past by the renowned Crane School of Music at the State University of New York at Potsdam. This concert includes traditional Christmas and seasonal hymns from around the world with popular favorites.
The hammered dulcimer, accordion, trombone and bass blend to create unique polka melodies and the 100-year-old dance tradition of the Volga Germans, immigrants who came to the United States from Germany by way of Russia. Along with their agricultural skills, they brought a unique form of music. Viewers meet the musicians, dancers and families who treasure this cultural gem and strive to keep the tradition alive.
South Florida PBS is pleased to launch season 4 of film·maker, a unique series offering our region’s diverse storytellers from the Florida Keys through the Treasure Coast a platform for broadcast distribution of their films. Watch as this new group of talented storytellers take center stage with films of different genres that explore diverse themes and deepen the understanding of ourselves and our neighbors.
Members and veterans of the Armed Forces share their experiences in the military while fishing is introduced as a natural way to relieve stress. The series invokes the soldier’s story, their lives serving in the United States Military, the effect on their families, and their overall life experiences.
The Santa Fe Trail played a pivotal role in the westward expansion of the United States. Extending across the mid-continent from Missouri to New Mexico, it became a prominent commercial trail involving both American and Mexican merchants. Over six decades, beginning in the 1820s, the trail supported a vast network of commerce, enabled the U.S. to annex much of northern Mexico and led to the relocation of the Plains Indians. By 1880, the construction of the railroads brought an end to the flow of freight wagons on the Santa Fe Trail, now designated a national historic trail.
Join Fit n Delicious host Jaime Brenkus as he guides viewers on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Joining him on each episode are chef Dani Spies with quick and easy healthy recipes and their mentor Jack Lalanne with words of wisdom from the past. Fit n Delicious Series 100 breaks down the misconceptions about fitness, food and living your best life at any age.
The Television Christmas Special with Al Walser (a most recent TELLY AWARD Winner in General Entertainment) features the GRAMMY® Winner in a timeless epic Christmas-Holiday TV Special showcasing a truly electrifying performance that transports viewers to a magical place set in heaven. The family concert TV Special was recorded in front of a multi racial-diverse live audience in the heart of Hollywood, and additionally delivers newly inspired original Christmas songs written by Al Walser. Al Walser, the very first male of color (biracial - black/white) from one of the world’s smallest countries, Liechtenstein, engages and inspires where viewers can see themselves reflected in.
Marie Suize came from France in 1850 during the Gold Rush in California. In a cosmopolitan and essentially masculine universe, she became a successful gold miner and wine maker. She was arrested many times for wearing men's clothes. She decided to appropriate this as part of her identity and claims her nickname: Marie Pantalon. A woman who was extremely famous and much talked about in the newspapers, but completely fell into oblivion. She was forgotten until 2004, then Amador County celebrated its 150th anniversary, and decided to honor the memory of Marie Pantalon by naming her Sesquicentennial Woman of the Year. Historians, researcher and author, describe the outstanding and entertaining life of this daughter of both France and California.
Alabama Black Belt Blues uses slave narratives, archival blues recordings and the recorded music of contemporary African American blues musicians to explore the role this music has played in the region from slavery onward. From cotton fields, to church pews, to prison spaces, to juke joints, the film follows the refrain of the region’s blues through the cultural landscapes of Alabama then and now.
Exploring the food, culture and history of Texas
Join host Ann Bocock on a literary odyssey through best-selling works of fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, and an exciting variety of additional genres. Bocock interviews some of the most prominent literary minds of our time during the half-hour program, featuring in-depth interviews with nationally recognized authors.
They said it couldn’t be done—until they did it: built a road clear up to the summit of the highest mountain in the Northeast. It began in the 1850s with gravel, black powder and stress and strain. Horses and carriages managed to scrabble their way to the top by 1861. Then along came the automobile, and the rest is history.
Descendants of a 1930s Virginia mountain community acquired by the Blue Ridge Parkway show how reviving hidden local histories is essential to telling a more inclusive story of our national parks and of America writ large.
"Breath of Life" explores the painstaking efforts of dedicated indigenous Californians who have committed themselves to revitalizing the rich cultural legacy their ancestors have left to them in tribal languages, many under threat of extinction.
A compelling two-part documentary series profiling the lives of five individuals from diverse backgrounds who encountered life's harshest trials and emerged as champions to themselves, families, and community through the spirit of entrepreneurship.
A GREAT AMERICAN TAPESTRY tells the story of the southern mountain’s musical birth and evolution through the strands of the Scots-Irish legacy, oft-overlooked African-American tradition and through the longest lived music in the Americas, the indigenous tradition.