This council supports the careers of public television people at work in
   the community engagement arena at their stations. Its activities are
   planned by the council's executive committee
Acting Chair
- Jennifer Baumstein, WMHT
   Past Chair - Angie Callahan, WHRO
   At Large: 
   Mary Manning Bracken, Iowa Public Television
   Laura Durham,
KUED/Salt Lake City
   Timothy Eernisse,
WGVU/Grand Rapids
   Allison Hedrick,
   Carla Anne Holeva,
Basin PBS/Midland
   Katherine Godin Mitchell,
   The 2018 Executive Committee List
  At NETA - Lisa Lehman (lisa at
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   Council Links
  Every community engagement
  professional at every NETA
  member station has a seat
  on the Community
  Engagement Council.
  Council Members' List

  2018 Executive Committee

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