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     The Education Center: Peer support
  Education Center
  Executive Committee
  Chair:   Tonya Crum, KET
  Vice Chair: Cindy Kirk, APT 
  Members at Large:
   Susie Grimm, PBS SoCal
   Denita Malvern, KERA
Betsy Peisach, Maryland PTV 
Jon Rubin, WGBH
   Tim Stack, UEN
   Maggie Stevenson,
   Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Tim Wollenzien,
Prairie Public Broadcasting
Laurel Wyckoff,
   New Mexico PBS
Education Representatives 
     NETA Member list (link)
    Council of Chief State
    School Officers
    International Society for
    Technology in Education
    Media Literacy Clearinghouse
    National Association for
    Media Literacy Education
    National Media Market
    National School Boards
    Association (NSBA)
  Every education services manager, every instructional media
  professional at every NETA member station has a seat on the
  Education Council.  (See list
  Besides meeting at national conferences, the Council also convenes
  periodic teleconference calls to discuss topics of system-wide importance.

  Meet the Education Center's 2017 executive committee. (PDF)
  Professional Development: Info exchange

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March 1 webinar at 3:00 pm ET / 12 Noon PT

Now available in NETA's webinar archive:  [Link]
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GED Test Readiness:  The GED became an entirely new test recently. Public television plays an important role in this area of education services, and KET led the way:  [More]

NSDL Math Pathway Project
NETA sits on Advisory Committee at request of MPT for the 3-year project
to establish and operate an elementary math path for the National Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Digital Library (NSDL). The primary target is elementary classroom teachers and will involve creating online digital content and establishment of a resource and research website.

PBS LearningMedia™
NETA served on a project Strategic Planning Committee to create a single 
(flexible, tiered, locally-focused) model which will enable public broadcasters to deliver a set of 21st-century learning services from a shared digital media repository.
eLearning for Educators
NETA participates with APTV, NHPTV, WVPB, WLVT, MPB, KET,
KETC,  UNC-TV, MPT, and WHYY in five-year grant developing online
teacher professional development courses.  NETA serves on the advisory
board and delivers professional learning at annual Academy  (Link)
PBCore Resource Group 
NETA serves on voluntary advisory group to promote and maintain the
development of pubcasting’s metadata dictionary.  PBCore is designed
to provide for  television, radio and Web activities, a standard way of
describing and using data, allowing content to be more easily retrieved
and shared among colleagues, software systems, institutions, community and production partners, private citizens, and educators.
Such a standard is pivotal to applying the real power of digital technology
to meet the mission of public broadcasting. (link)

National Association for  Media Literacy Education (NAMLE)
NETA participated in a focus group with national and local education leaders to establish a Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education for release at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  Videos, lesson plans, and curriculum materials are found at

     Updated November 8, 2017
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NETA Education Center Council Representatives

KUAC Keith Martin
Alabama Public Television Cindy Kirk, vice chair
AETN Bryan Fields
KLCS Jorge Briseño
PBS SoCal Susie Grimm, at large
WETA Noel Gunther
WDSC Jacqui Van Kirk
WEDU Gail Taylor
WEFS Andy Chalanick
WFSU Kim Kelling Engstrom
WGCU Paula Sklodowski
WLRN Adrienne Kennedy
WSRE Jill Hubbs
WUCF Catherine Hiles
WUSF Beth Baker
WXEL Samantha Conde
WPBA Hilary Silverboard
Idaho Public Television Cindy Lunte
Illinois Public Media Kimberlie Kranich
Iowa Public Television Ken Harrison
WEIU Ke'an Armstrong
Lakeshore Public Media vacant
WNIT Steve Funk
KET Tonya Crum, chair
WKYU vacant
LPB vacant
WLAE vacant
WYES Monica Turner
Mary Haggerty
Jon Rubin, past chair
WGBY Vanessa Pabon
Maryland Public Television Betsy Peisach, at large
WGVU Mike Fillman
WKAR Robin Pizzo
KSMQ vacant
Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) Joan Freese
KCPT Gary Brock
KETC / Nine Network Amy Shaw
KMOS Mary Clevenger
Ozarks Public Television Rachel Knight
Mississippi Public Broadcasting Maggie Stevenson, at large
MontanaPBS Chris Seifert
UNC-TV Kamona Herring
Prairie Public Broadcasting Tim Wollenzien, at large
Nebraska Television vacant
New Hampshire PTV Susan Adams 
KENW Jenifer Baca
New Mexico PBS Laurel Wyckoff, at large
KRWG Fred Martino
Vegas PBS Niki Bates
Mountain Lake PBS Jennifer Kowalczyk
Thirteen/WNET/NJ TV Carole Wacey
WMHT Jenn Baumstein
WPBS Lynn Brown
WSKG Jackie Stapleton,
Nancy Coddington
WXXI Marion French
CET Connect Jason Dennison
Think TV Gloria Skurski
Western Reserve Public Media Jeff Good
WOSU Marcelita Haskins
WOUB Mark Brewer
RSU Public Television vacant
OETA Curtis Calvin
OPB Jennifer McCormick
WLVT Alyissa Gallagher
Penn State Public Broadcasting Cece Merkel
WQLN Kathy Carducci
Rhode Island PBS Dave Marseglia
South Carolina ETV Dean Byrd
South Dakota Public Broadcasting Steve Rokusek
Nashville Public Television JoAnn Scalf
WCTE Cindy Putman
East Tennessee PBS Ernie Roberts
WKNO Russ Abernathy
WLJT-DT Jennifer Shell
HoustonPBS Capella Tucker
KAMU Jon Bennett
KEDT Don Dunlap
KERA Denita Malvern, at-large
KLRU Mary Alice Appleman
KNCT Max Rudolph
Basin PBS Alyson Trevino
KTTZ Michelle Trice
KBYU Diena Simmons
KUED Elise Peterson
UEN /KUEN Tim Stack, at-large
Blue Ridge PBS James Baum
WCVE / Ideastations John Felton, Katherine Godin
WHRO Brian Callahan 
WTJX Tanya-Marie Singh
WVPT Tony Mancari
Vermont PBS Chuck Pizer
KSPS Gary Stokes
Milwaukee Public Television Julie Hill Lehr
Wisconsin Public Television Kathy Bissen
Wisconsin ECB Kristin Leglar
West Virginia PBS Kate FitzGerald
Wyoming PBS (KCWC) Jennifer Amend


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