Intelligent business support

  The NETA Business Center uses a suite of software programs that
  complement the discrete needs of public broadcasting finance.

Sage MAS 500 is an enterprise-class accounting platform.

  doc-link™ by Altec is an integrated document management system
  that enables you to process, retrieve, research, and archive any
  transaction from the desktop, without searching through stacks of
  paper.  Its flexible features boost productivity and expedite
  communication among customers, vendors, and staff.

  When contemplating business continuity and disaster recovery,

translates to invaluable peace of mind.

 AuditMaster provides secure audit trails for any and all changes
  made to your financial database. You and your staff are free to
  focus on your core business, because AuditMaster takes care of
  tracking who did what to your data, and when.
Protection   Your financial data is backed up off-site by fully redundant
  systems, so important to business continuity.

The Team   Best of all, our dedicated crew of bookkeepers, accountants,
  payroll specialists and tax professionals ensure that  you have a skilled
  team that can scale with you as you grow.
  With us, your finance office is never be unavailable due to illness or
  annual leave.  We're always here for you.

To find out more about the NETA Business Center's capabilities, please contact
NETA's executive vice president and Business Center director, Anita Sims,
at 803-978-1563 or email:

We look forward to working with you.
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