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When it comes to archives, no one on the planet knows more or does more than the U.S. Library of Congress.  
NETA is very pleased to host a leading expert in the archive field, James Snyder, senior systems administrator for the Library of Congress Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound division. 
In Snyder's words, "Standards created the content we use and preserve every day. They created the content we reuse from the past. The new file-based media workflows are based on standards. Standards are now shaping the data collections we are creating. But what are the proper file formats and essence codings to use for survivability? What metadata is needed or wanted? What will replace the traditional audio/video tape library? Its equivalent is the data set and the files it holds."

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  • How to design a media data set for long-term survival both at the content and the data set level, including existing standards in use and areas that still need standardization
  • The new data archiving standard AXF (the Archive eXchange Format, SMPTE standard 2034-1) and how it is being implemented
  • How to choose technologies for both file creation and data sets plus what to look for in vendors

Fred Engel, UNC-TV's senior director, technology, will anchor this informative, enlightening presentation. 
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                                                Packard Campus photo, courtesy Library of Congress.  Snyder photo, courtesy SMPTE-New England section, Martin P. Feldman