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NETA Webinar:  Thursday June 15 at 3:00 pm ET / 12 Noon PT


This webinar will show you how crowdfunding can help stations raise money in a multitude of ways, including digital content creation, peer-to-peer fund drives, and traditional broadcast programming. 

Two very knowledgeable people in the area of crowdfunding  -- Paul Hunton, general manager at Texas Tech Public Media, and Susannah Winslow, membership director at KLRU/Austin -- (among others) will be on deck to discuss the power of engagement during a crowdfunding campaign and how it creates energetic ambassadors for your work.

Make time for this one-hour webinar, and gain a better understanding of

  • The best practices for multiplatform crowdfunding

  • How crowdfunding works across digital,
    broadcast, and general development goals.

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