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What Producers & Photographers Need To Know About Recertification
NETA Webinar:  Tuesday February 21 at 3:00 pm ET / 12 Noon PT

The Federal Aviation Agency rules for operating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS, a/k/a "drones") have changed recently. (Link to FAA's summary of Part 107.)

This free, one-hour NETA webinar will help your production team with what it needs to know before --legally-- taking to the skies. Laura McHugh, chair of the NETA production council, will anchor the production.  Steve Kauffman, videographer from PBS39 WLVT, and others will be on hand to share what they know:
  • Summarize the rule changes
  • Explain recertification
  • Tips for the test
  • Equipment list / must-have accessories
  • Examples of drone videography
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"Watching His Drone" image courtesy Michael Coghlan, Flickr
(CC by NC-SA 2.0)