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Thursday March 1 at 3:00 pm ET / 12 Noon PT

"Stories of impact" are
compelling illustrations of how your station is making a difference for the people of your community.
Plan now to take part in this interactive session that will build on the storytelling skills you developed at the NETA conference session, "Break Out Using Stories of Impact to Show Your Station's Value."
Stephanie Chavara, creative director at Vela Facilitating, will work with you to provide specific feedback and ideas on stories you've been crafting or issues you're grappling with as you develop a narrative uniquely your own.

   "Telling Your Stories of Impact" will cover:
  • Where to find stories
  • How to tailor stories for different platforms
  • A look at how stations around the country are collecting and leveraging their stories of impact

Jennifer English, senior director of PBS Children's Media and Education, is involved with the storytelling initiative designed to help stations communicate the value of their collaborations and early education community efforts.  She is producing this webinar.

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Although intended for those who attended the storytelling session at the NETA conference in DC in January, this webinar would be of interest to anyone looking to sharpen their storytelling chops. And it's free - a benefit of your station's NETA membership.


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