NETA 2020:  Public Media and Education

Forward Together

Technology and policies evolve non-stop.  NETA's role is to support you, your people, and your work in this ever-changing environment. Rely on us for two valuable resources:

       1.  A broad spectrum of professional development opportunities for public media professionals, and

       2.  Robust services to increase your capacity and efficiency


1.  Professional development opportunities to increase the effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of public media's education and community engagement services at both the licensee and system levels

  • NETA will provide the resources and training to increase the skills and effectiveness of public media professionals.

    • Identify the key skills and knowledge needed to successfully develop and implement high-impact education services within and between disciplines (education, outreach, production, digital services, marketing, and development.)

    • Develop and deliver an interactive curriculum focused on those key skills, with clear learning objectives and outcomes.  Explore certification for individuals who have completed training.

    • Increase licensees' and system's overall ability to measure, demonstrate, and communicate the impact and outcomes of their education work.

      • Provide training on existing measurement tools and strategies.

      • Develop new tools and strategies as needed.

    • Support and promote Communities of Learning (CL) focused on education to help members' staff increase skills, collegiality, and their long-term commitment to the public media education mission.

    • Provide venues for sharing best practices, developing professional support networks, and identifying high-impact projects for joint member pursuit.

  • NETA will assist members in developing sustainable business models around education issues of importance within their community.

    • Regularly scan for successful business and delivery models that could be adopted by other licensees, at all stages of providing education and community engagement.

    • Help train people in a variety of disciplines (including education, engagement, production, digital services, marketing, and development) on how to replicate and/or adapt successful models to their community.

      • Provide the leadership and platforms for sharing best practices.

      • Help members develop a value proposition and the ability to cultivate public and private funding.

      • Promote cross-discipline work models to ensure that education and engagement staff are not working in isolation.

  • NETA will strengthen and amplify public media's commitment to --and its focus on -- education.

    • Design an annual conference that will provide an inspirational perspective on education and engagement, with dynamic sessions with specific learning goals to increase the effectiveness of licensees' education and engagement work, and to celebrate excellence within the system.

    • Represent members' interests on education issues to PBS and CPB, and help members understand PBS and CPB concerns.

    • Promote forward-thinking national or regional education efforts. 

    • Identify high-impact education projects that licensees can pursue together.

    • Ensure the system has and maintains an accessible, searchable database of its education initiatives by working  with PBS, CPB, and APTS.

      • Use the database to develop common cases of support for education work in order to attract funders and supporters.


2.  Services that increase members' capacity and efficiency, and leverage system resources
  • NETA will provide cost-effective services in business, programming, and administration to enable members and clients to focus staff on education, production, and other services specific to their constituents' needs.

    • Grow the Business Center, using best practices to help strengthen all clients.

    • Support a robust Program Service, ensuring access to diverse programming and related content.

    • Provide customized administrative services to support organizations within the public media system.

    • Explore developing new services to leverage and support members' collective education work.

  • NETA will facilitate system communications in support of members' interests to insure that all are aware of critical issues, and that all within our profession are aware of our members' needs and interests.


Let's go forward together.

We share the past. We envision the future. Today and always, NETA works to increase your effectiveness at every level of service by sharing best practices, helping to grow sustainable funding,  and ensuring NETA's services are responsive to every aspect of your station's needs.

  • Forward Together