Public Media Thought Leaders Forum
        presented by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting


  Monday January 22

  11:45 AM


Lunch hosted by CPB
Expanding Your Vision: Connecting to Public Media's Future
Stations work hard to fulfill public media’s promise to support an educated and informed civil society, but are we prepared to thrive and meet the needs of the next generation of our audience? Michael Horn (Clayton Christensen Institute) will share his expertise on leading through disruption, and point toward a vision for supporting lifelong learning over the next 50 years.
Pat Harrison, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Michael Horn, Christensen Institute

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  2:00 PM

Expanding Your Base
Where does your audience go when they seek out media that educates? How do they want to engage with that content? Public media stations have always served many audiences in their communities, but never before has data provided the potential for strategic insight into their changing needs. This discussion will focus on understanding today’s audience of learners and strategies for anticipating their needs in the years ahead.
Linda Burch, Common Sense Media
Kevin Clark, George Mason University

  3:15 PM

Expanding Your Reach
We started with a deep dive into the learning audiences in our communities – where do we go from here? Innovators from media and education will discuss new opportunities to meet the needs of today’s audiences, and the potential pitfalls and opportunities of a changing media and education landscape.
Speakers: To be announced


  4:30 PM

Expanding Your Service
Join David Callahan, founder and editor of Inside Philanthropy, and author of The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age, for a dynamic conversation about the changing funding landscape, the evolving expectations of funders and philanthropists, and how public media stations can thrive in a world driven by partnerships.
Speaker: David Callahan

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  5:30 PM Reception hosted by CPB

  6:30 PM

Dinner hosted by CPB
A Conversation with J.D. Vance
J.D. Vance’s bestselling “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis” struck a chord with millions of readers who sought in Vance’s personal story a better understanding of the parts of society that feel forgotten in America today. As we reflect on the first day of the Thought Leader Forum, Vance will inspire attendees to think critically about public media service and how we can serve all audiences in our communities.
Speaker: J.D. Vance


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 Tuesday January 23 - Public Media Thought Leader Forum
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  7:45 AM

Breakfast hosted by CPB
Expanding American Graduate
Education and jobs are critical drivers to state economies, and public media has an important role to play. Kick off the second day of the Thought Leader Forum with an elected official who will share their perspective on the educational priorities in their community, and opportunities for public media to advance awareness and knowledge around those needs.


  9:00 AM

Perspective on Workforce, Education, and Media
Close out the Thought Leader Forum with an energizing conversation with leaders in business, education and philanthropy who will provide perspective on an increasingly diverse and ever-changing workforce and inspire public media leaders to envision their role in serving the next generation of learning audiences.
Brandon Busteed, Gallup
Carol D'Amico, Strada Education Network

10:15 AM

The 2018 NETA Conference continues after a mid-morning break.
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