The 2016 NETA Awards FAQ
Answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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I have to include a budget summary with the entry.
What is a "budget summary?"


We mean the simplest budget breakdown you can provide so that the judges have an overview of the project's production costs.
Show us how much it cost and where the funding came from.
It should be no more than one page. A spreadsheet is fine. Be sure to distinguish between cash expenses, in-kind, and underwritten costs/sponsorships. Please highlight any special cost savings due to innovative/creative strategies.

(Hint: Want to stand out? Judges love to see how you saved money.)

And what is a "project narrative?"
Tell the judges about your project's goals, challenges, and its measurable results.  (Judges love results.)

Let your narrative speak eloquently for you. Give the judges a good overall picture of what it took to create and complete your project, why it was important, who your partners were, how you promoted it, and especially what kind of response it received from your viewers, the participants, and the community.
(Hint: Don't sell yourself short.  A one-paragraph narrative is seldom enough to create a complete picture for the judges. Work it!)

And "supporting materials?" What are they?
Here's where including a couple well-chosen photos from your events, and compliments from viewers, newspaper stories, letters and email, indications of fundraising success, proof of higher pledge numbers, EMMY® awards, etc., will make your entry even stronger.  Those are examples of supporting materials.

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I'm not sure what category is best for my project.
How do I decide?

Use your best judgment, and keep in mind that the judges can move your entry to a different category if appropriate. [2016 Category List]

You will not be disqualified for entering in the ’wrong’ category – don’t worry.

Call or email us if you have a category question. [contact]

Can I enter a project---or a component of a project---in more than one category?
Yes. Please do. Many winners from past years occurred in multiple categories. Multiple platforms are the nature of public media.

Can I send both sets of entries in the same box?
Sure, but please put each set into an individual envelope, bag, or binder and label everything very clearly.

For video entries -- What format do I use to deliver a program or promo?
You have options:

1.) We prefer that you furnish us with an online link (URL) to the complete program or promo on your station's website, on Vimeo, YouTube, or wherever.  Be sure the online link is available through the judging season
(April - September 2016.)  
2.) Can't do online?  Please provide two (2) DVDs for each entry, and please check to be sure they play properly before you ship them.    
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I entered my project last year and it didn't win. Can I enter it again?
No, probably not. See the eligibility period requirements:
January 1 - December 31, 2015. 






My station isn't a NETA member, but we are a public television station.
Are we eligible to enter the Awards competition?

No, sorry. The Awards honor the work of NETA member stations.  You should join NETA.  The awards are just one important part of the station-centered work that NETA does, all year long.
We would truly welcome your station as a member. To join NETA as a full-fledged member, contact Skip Hinton (our president) at 803-978-1581, or email him at






I am an independent co-producer of this program. I am not employed at the station. May I enter my work?
Only the NETA member station is eligible to enter, and they must demonstrate that they were responsible for majority funding and editorial control on the project. The member station must have the copyright, either solely held or shared.

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How and when do I find out if I won?
If you win, NETA will contact your station's president/CEO by mid-July. Winners will be notified in time to register for our annual conference, September 19-21 in Baltimore, where the awards will be presented with much pomp and festivity.
What do we win?
A beautiful engraved crystal trophy, recognition and applause from your peers throughout the public television system and legendary fame.
See last year's winners here

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Awards questions? Email us: or call Gayle at 803-978-1573 or Maryanne @ 803-978-1579

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