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    In between the end of one
    school year and the start of
    another, let’s take a look at
    the different ways NETA
    members recognize the
    contributions of their
    education partners,
    particularly the
    individual teachers. 

    Here’s a sampling of how
    excellence is honored
    around the country. 



  Blue Ridge PBS / Roanoke, Virginia

 Blue Ridge PBS annually sponsors The McGlothlin Awards for Teaching
Excellence funded by the McGlothlin Foundation, Bristol Virginia. Two
 $25,000 awards to be given to a K-5 teacher, and a grade 6-12
 teacher.  A stipulation of the McGlothlin Award is that the winners must
 use $10,000 of the
award for international travel.  (Link to details.) 
 The McGlothlin Awards for Teaching Excellence is about to launch
 its 11th year. The monetary value of these awards are comparable to that
 of the Pulitzer Prize and Milliken Awards, but are given only to teachers
 in the Blue Ridge PBS region, thanks to the McGlothlin Foundation.  
 Unanticipated positive results include our ongoing relationships with
 the nominees, the judges, and the instructional documentaries and
 instructional resources created from the winners’ travels for instructional
 use with assistance from NETA Education Production Fund.

  WSRE / Pensacola, Florida

 WSRE is one of several sponsors of the Golden Apple Awards banquet
 for the Escambia County School District, our largest school district.
 Classroom vignettes are produced with each of the five finalists, and these
 are shown at the awards banquet before the winner is announced.
 A television special is produced using those spots called “The Golden
 Apple Awards: Celebrating Teaching Excellence,” which features the
 Teacher of the Year winners from the three school districts in their viewing
 area, including also the educators from their college nominated to the
 “Academy of Teaching Excellence.”  The program is supplemented by
 an article in our viewer guide, as well as photographs and information
 on their Website.

 In addition, WSRE airs a congratulatory spot featuring every Teacher of
 the Year from each school – it airs right before the News Hour each
 weekday. These run for months, highlighting well over a hundred teachers
 from Northwest Florida schools.   WSRE Original Production Honors
 “Golden Apple” Teachers

  UEN /  Salt Lake City, Utah

  They ask educators to email them with info on a tech-using teacher
  that they would like to hear from. Our monthly feature offers inspiring
  commentary from educators with a commitment to learning and using
  technology in their classrooms.  Take a look here, and here, too.  
  See also:  Utah’s Golden Apple awards


  WQLN  / Erie, Pennsylvania

 We have a local contest that recognizes local teachers nominated by
 their students. It is called Great Teachers: Making a Difference. After
 our 3 winning student/teacher pairs are chosen through an essay contest,
 we produce and air interstitials about the student/teacher pairs.

 Additionally, we host a nice reception for our winners. More information
 is available online here.  

  KET  / Lexington, Kentucky

KET doesn't have a teachers’ awards program, but we do cite teacher
 accomplishments in several ways. They are often featured in KET's
 ongoing Visions (our monthly magazine) feature, "Making a Difference."  
 You can see a collection of these stories online. Many of these teachers
 are also featured in accompanying PSAs, which we show on-air and
 often incorporate into presentations. We also feature them on the KET
 EncycloMedia home page and in our consultant blogs

  WGBY / Springfield, Massachusetts

  WGBY works with the local Harold Grinspoon Foundation and
  participates in their Teachers of Excellence program honoring about
  150 teachers throughout the region each year.  This is a great
  collaboration for us because we can play a role in honoring these
  teachers without having to incur the cost of planning banquets and
  collecting donations for their gifts.  (Link to details
  KLRU / Austin, Texas

  We actually honor family child care providers through the grant we
  We have a luncheon to honor the child care providers selected for the
  year and then produce a promo on the winning child care provider of
  the year for Central Texas.  We highlight the winners online too.  (Link)

  WHRO / Norfolk, Virginia

 Each year we honor a number of teachers through our “Excellence in
 Technology Awards
.”  The winners are honored in perpetuity online.
 The annual award presentation takes place at our Great Computer

 These exemplary educators are also featured in our eNewsletter that
 is distributed to about 25,000 educators in our region. See the “At A
 Glance” section.

 How do you recognize educational excellence
 in your community’s schools?
 The NETA Education Center would like to share your stories, ideas,
 programs with the rest of your colleagues.  Email John Chambers,
 director of NETA Education Services, or call 803-799-5517, ext 112.
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